We do have small cacti

I am not against people buying flowers and plants from big companies like Loblaws, Michaels, Ikea and etc… Maybe I am a little because we’re running a small business and we want to survive. I often see people looking for recommendations on where to get certain flowers and plants in their neighbourhood, and the majority of replies suggest Loblaws, Michaels, and Ikea.

Recently a fellow mom posted in the Facebook group looking for small cacti for her daughter’s birthday gift. I went through all the comments and not one of them mentioned a local flower shop, not even the Marketplace Florist located in the centre of the Barrhaven Market Place, not far from the mom’s location.

I replied suggesting a local flower shop. Hopefully the mom will look into that and get the cacti for her daughter from the shop. That way we can continue to support local businesses 🙂

~~ Quyên

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