Top 5 Plants for Grandparents

Plants are great gift for grandparents from you or the little ones.
Before buying a plant, consider your grandparents’ living arrangement and their aptitude to care for plants. Those living in retirement residences are met with certain policies regarding having plants in their room. The plants on this list should be acceptable in any living arrangement.

1. Dish Garden is my top choice because of it;s available in small size, it is easy to care for, and allows varieties of plants. It is also a great activity for the kids. You and your child can work together to create a unique dish garden. Make sure to use plants that need the same amount of light and water. Then all you need is your child’s choice of pot. You can use a mug, a basket, a cracked bowl, a bulb, or even a can. The possibility is endless and it doesn’t need to cost hundred of dollars!

2. Snake Plant can be left unattended for days. It is great for grandparents who prefer a low-maintenance plant. Snake plant improves the air quality in our room. I am not sure if residents are allowed to have the snake plant in their room; so, you’ll have to check with the nursing home manager. Also, if your grandparent has the tendency to over-water the plant, then reconsider gifting snake plant or figure a way to help them avoid over-watering.

3. For a grandparent who wants to take more care, go for a bonsai tree or a mini African violets. They both require the right moisture level, grooming, and the mini African violets need to be repotted every few months. These requirements make them more challenging to care for, and that’s why they’ll make awesome gift to those who love a little challenge.

4. Moon Cactus is very cute and has lovely bright colours. This fits into a small child’s hand to give their grandparents. You can picture how adorable that is. But, like the mini African violets, watering moon cactus is a bit tricky and it needs proper drainage. Also, words of advice from personal experience: keep moon cactus out of direct sunlight! Mine got burned so badly I had to throw it out.

5. Potted flowers will definitely bring a smile to grandparents who love flowers. It’s an extra point when you get them their favourite type. Potted flowers can last long with proper care and they’ll look lovely in a vase after a cut.

Have a happy day with your grandparents! Remind them they are loved.

By Quyên Ngô

Alta Vista Flowers

Co-owner of Alta Vista Flowers with Michael LeRoy. We operate a full service flower shop that has been in business for 60 years, with our very dedicated staff.
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