Tips from our Terrarium Building Workshop

Terrarium Building Workshop

We had so much fun at our Terrarium Building workshop, that I thought I would share a few key tips to create your very own terrarium. AV Flower plant friends gathered on a rainy Tuesday (October 22) to create their very own terrarium. There were two workshop options to either bring your own container or use one of ours. Of course our workshop started with sipping on a few select Ontario wines and snacks provided by YOW popcorn and Trillium Bakery. OMG the Dill Pickle popcorn and Nanaimo bars were my favorite!! Thank you to both local businesses for supporting local. I digress.

Terrariums are like mini-biospheres, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE thinking about the fact that we are building this tiny biospheres. Not all plants are suited for terrariums, closed containers are suitable for tropical plants, however, succulents, cacti and air plants prefer a container that provides more air circulations. Terrariums do not have drainage so it is important to properly build your plant home. Plant containers without drainage can overtime develop some serious plant health problems. The word photosynthesis comes comes from the Greek work “photo”=light and “synthesis”= combine. The combination of water molecules from the root system traveling up to the stem into the leaf, the intake of carbon dioxide from the tiny holes in the leaf called stomata are turned into a type of plant food- that combining gives us oxygen. Yay, for oxygen!! Thank you plants.

Participants were taught and shown how to create the 7 steps to the perfect terrarium.

They created some beauties.

It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a rainy evening creating these green works of art. Thank you to all the participants for a fabulous evening.

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