The Life of a Co-Op Student

Hello, I’m Katelyn

I am a grade 12 co-op student from Ridgemont High School. For my co-op placement I ask if I could work at a flower shop. I was the first student to consider a flower shop. I choose to go to a flower shop because I like to design and I am a artistic girl. a flower shop is one of the best places to go for when you want designs. The flower shop I choose is Alta vista Flowers. I choose Alta Vista Flowers because i had seen their online pictures of their previous work, online site, and reviews of their work and I knew it was a great place for me to try to contact.

When I went for my interview I had met with Karen and other fellow workers. They where all nice and gave off a bright vibes  threw out the store and each other. Going into my interview I didn’t know any thing about flowers. I thoughts flowers were flowers and that was it to it. Nope,  since that day everyone has shown me there is more too it . 3 weeks into my co-op placement and I have learnt so much. Not even realizing how educational its been, but I know so much more within the little time, thanks to great helping hands from the staff here at Alta Vista Flowers. 

I have learnt so many things here at Alta Vista Flowers. I learnt so many things about the flowers, the names, how to properly process them, I mean im not an expert but I am getting really good at it. I get to greet customers. I would consider other coop student to consider coop at a flower shop. If I had a second chance to come back here I would!
Katelyn Chartrand

Alta Vista Flowers

Co-owner of Alta Vista Flowers with Michael LeRoy. We operate a full service flower shop that has been in business for 60 years, with our very dedicated staff.
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