Top 5 Plants for Grandparents

Plants are great gift for grandparents from you or the little ones. Before buying a plant, consider your grandparents’ living arrangement and their aptitude to care for plants. Those living in retirement residences are met with certain policies regarding having plants in their room. The plants on this list should be acceptable in any living … Read more

A Personal Gift For Mom

Your mom(s) must have a tin that she absolutely adores. Or you have one that means a great deal to you and your mother(s). Or you have an unused tin that you simply don’t want to throw in the bin. If you’re looking for a way to personalize your gift for Mother’s Day, then we … Read more

Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate LOVE

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day is a highly marketed day, but nonetheless it is a gentle reminder to for all of us to celebrate the people in your life that you LOVE and are important to you. I have three teenagers and a husband, every Valentine’s Day I give them a card, chocolates (and a iTunes card for the teenagers), and more recently I have been giving my husband flowers and my kids plants. And, yes, of course my husband asks one of our Staff to make a large bouquet and he has it delivered to our home.

If you find yourself stuck for ideas of how to celebrate your loved ones, here are a few:

Friendly Florals
You can go classic and choose roses or carnations as arrangements for that special someone! Want something that will ‘wow’ your loved one? Consider a beautiful bouquet of garden roses or delicate peonies!


Desk Greens
Surprise someone special this year with a plant that can decorate a desk! Succulents are easy to care for and look beautiful too!

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Gift & Gourmet Baskets
A gift basket filled with chocolates, fruit, gourmet items, wine (or Champagne), Trillium Bakery treats, and even a plant or floral arrangement included in the basket.


Simple Card Messages
Need writing help? Here are some sweet and simple card messages for Valentine’s Day!

For my dear friend, who is beautiful inside and out! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life!

 There aren’t enough flowers to express how much I love you, but these are the most beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

We would be happy to help you select an appropriate gift for your loved one, please visit our website at Alta Vista Flowers or give us a call 613.733.4001.

Happy Valentine’s~Karen