Simplicity at it’s best

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When creating a floral arrangement, sometime we tend to get carried away and get lost in the sea of colours and textures that flowers have to offer. At times, it’s nice to step back and find the beauty in minimalism.

This lovely Sansevieria cylindrica arrangement is an example of simplicity at it’s best! This modern rustic arrangement is very versatile and durable. Alta Vista Flowers prides itself on preparing all of it’s arrangements to a high standard to ensure longevity. It’s not that we are bragging, but we’ve been told time and time again that our arrangements last very long.

Do you want to know our secret… it is fresh flora and careful handling!

We hope you enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day,

AVF Team

Sansevieria cylindrica arrangement Alta Vista Flowers Bank Street Ottawa
Sansevieria cylindrica arrangement {$35.95}

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