Rose Colours and their Meanings

Frequently, I am asked about the symbolic meaning of roses. Well, here it is. Enjoy!

Red – The undeniable, undisputable color of love. If you’ve been bitten by the love bug, shot with cupid’s arrow, or just really want to let her know how much you care you can not go wrong with the Lovers rose.

White – Nothing says purity and innocence like the white rose. Therefore, it is customarily associated with marriages or new beginnings. The white rose also conveys a sense of reverence and is often used as an expression of remembrance.

Yellow – With its warm and sunny appearance, the yellow rose most often associated with friendship. A true friend brings happiness and joy to our lives, what better way to evoke those feelings with  this truly luminous rose.

Pink – When I think girly I think pink. Pink roses are  known to express a sense of elegance, refinement and an overall joyfulness. Whether they’re a soft and graceful pink or a sassy hot pink number, pink roses are sure to impress!

Orange – Desire and passion can all be summed up with this fiery rose! It’s bold color stirs of feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. What better way to spice things up?

Purple – Such a rare and magical rose, how could one not be enchanted by these purple beauties? No wonder they’re often coupled with love at first sight.

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