Prom is coming! Prom Flowers 101-a Simplified Guide

Prom is only a month away! It is an exciting time for teenage graduates.  There is a lot to plan for, what outfit to wear, parties to go to, and flowers to order either corsages (women) or boutonnieres (men).

Many teenagers order flowers for themselves, their besties or their date. It can be quite confusing with so many flowers to choose from, I hope this post simplifies how to choose your prom flowers.

Wearable flowers have changed so much over the years, now prom flowers are more of an accessory or a fashion statement and are in some ways simpler than later years.

For starters, come and talk to us, tell us a bit about your outfit, your accessories and we can give you some guidance to create a fun, personalized design.  I recommend going with a colour that is in your outfit or is complimentary to that colour. Most women wear wristlet corsages, however the more daring wear flowers on their arm or anklet. And men wear boutonnières pinned to the left side of the suit.

There are so many flowers to choose from and would recommend going with a flower that suits your personality and colour scheme. Do you consider yourself or your outfit elegant, perhaps roses and orchids, are you happy person, then mini-gerberas or mum.. a fashionista consider lisianthus, rannaculus, delphinium and add fun accessories like wire, feathers, or bling.

The picture below shows a bit of the process of how we create a corsage and then each bloom is wired and taped. The satin ribbon is threaded through the pretzel looking holder used to tie the design to the wrist, we can and do use bracelets as well.

Flowers to be assembled into a wristlet corsage

  Below are a few other fun design idea just to showcase a few.

arm band
Arm band
artistic corsage
Artistic corsage
Traditional Corsage
Traditional corsage

Prices for boutonnieres and corsages can vary depending on the flowers in the design. A rough average is $20-35 for women’s corsages and $10-25 for men’s boutonniere. 

Let Alta Vista Flowers create a design that will add to your memorable night.

-Karen LeRoy

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