Office Plants: Should You Get One?

The short answer is yes; your office has space for some living greeneries.
Having plants in your office will boost productivity, reduce stress, purify the air, and enhance the office appearance.
There are low maintenance plants that will thrive without sunlight, which are perfect for windowless offices.


 For a limited office space, consider small plants with decorative glasses, jars, or pots. These succulent gardens require very minimal attention, but their presence in your office will not go unnoticed. When you find yourself needing a small distraction that will not take away too much time from work, shift your eyes to these plants. Water them if you find the soil a bit dry, and take a moment to enjoy them before returning to work.
 For those who prefer taking care of plants more frequently, a medium dish garden is a great choice. There are different varieties of plants that you can get that will fit into your office and schedule.
 If you’re in a small or crowded office, it’s time to invest in an air purifying plant. These air purifying plants absorb pollutants from the air through their leaves and roots. .
 ~~ By Quyên Ngô

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