Meet our New Manager- Melissa

We are so happy to have Melissa back with us. She originally came to work for us straight out of design school in 2015. She walked into our shop a bit before Christmas and we hired her on the spot. She left AVF for a few years to pursue other interests. This past May I reached out to her to see if she could help us out with Mother’s Day. I was so surprised and happy to have her come back, even if it seemed only temporary. It is so nice to get through such a busy time like Mother’s Day with people that know the flower shop, and are excellent designers. And, one thing led to another and we offered her a manager position-and, she said YES!! Wow, what a weight off my shoulders, it has been the first time since I have been part of the flower shop that we have had a manager. That is 16 years? She just makes everything run so smoothly.  We love her energy, her sweet designs. Please say a quick hi to her and congratulate her on her new role at AVF.

xox Karen

Melissa Woodhouse

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