How We Remember at Alta Vista Flowers

After the recent events of the past few weeks, I have noticed that people in general are more aware of our veterans and are more courteous to each other.  Remembrance Day is less than a week away and we’ve had orders for flowers for a variety of different events, some people are ordering wreaths for their businesses others are picking up single stemmed flowers to lay on grave sites of fallen soldiers, or to take to schools and memorials.  We at Alta Vista Flowers will be closed until 12 pm on Tuesday. I will be at the War Memorial watching the Remembrance Day Parade; my 13 year old son Jacob is a Falkland Sea Cadet and will be playing in the band; as I am sure most of my staff will be there as well.  The pictures below are courtesy of one of our design staff, Trish Cox. These are pictures of poppies from her garden.

Alta Vista Flowers, Poppies,
Courtesy of Trish Cox, a floral designer at Alta Vista Flowers.

IMG_0336 IMG_0337

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