How much do I budget for wedding flowers?

Most brides and grooms find it challenging to know how much to allocate in their budget for wedding flowers. Many brides spend hours combing through wedding magazines looking at pictures of beautiful bouquets and wedding decor as inspiration for their own wedding only to be shocked when they are given a quote for what something similar would cost. Wedding flowers for many couples are a statement of who they are as a couple, and set the mood, tone and ambiance of the wedding, it is an important detail that requires careful consideration.

When you think of the different roles wedding flowers play through out your wedding, I like to put everything in perspective by remembering that bridal bouquets are captured in photographs that will last a life time, wedding ceremonies last on average half an hour, and wedding receptions can last the entire evening. So when you start thinking about where to allocate your wedding flower budget remember that your guests will be looking at your table centrepieces throughout the entire evening.

The general rule of thumb is a centrepiece costs on average the cost of a plate at your wedding reception. Of course, there are fluctuations either way depending on the flowers that you choose to go with. The Bride is the show stealer, it is the couple’s day so I always encourage them to go with what they really have there heart set on. And, proportionately the wedding flower budget should reflect that.

If budget is your guiding principle when it comes to deciding on your wedding flowers and the types of flowers are secondary; make sure you are upfront with your florist. You will be amazed what your florist can come up. Provide a colour scheme, an approximate budget and allow your florist to come up with a few scenarios for you. The other consideration is if budget is your main concern, then you may want to consider vase rentals or supply your own vases and ask your florist to design your centrepieces in the containers you provided for a small fee. Alta Vista Flowers does provide vase/ container rentals.

Karen LeRoy is the owner of Alta Vista Flowers as well as a certified floral designer CFD, (AIFD) and wedding coordinator (WPIC). Karen can be contacted at and Alta Vista Flowers can be found at on and Twitter avfflowers

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