Homes for the Holidays

On November 17th, 18th and 19th we decorated a home at 50 Craig St. for the Homes for the Holiday tour. The tour helps raise money and awareness for Hospice Care Ottawa, an essential organization for our loved ones in a palliative stage of their life. The home at 50 Craig St. is a very modern condo designed by Hobin Architect, it overlooks Browns Inlet that connects to the Rideau Canal.

We took a very quiet and not overtly Christmas approach to this home. We wanted the floral designs to softly enhance the space and create a visual tie with the outdoor space that faces the water inlet through beautiful pictures window from the living room and kitchen areas. The homeowner has beautiful pieces of art and sculpture that are showcased throughout the home, we wanted our floral designs to meld seamlessly with the home decor and create a quiet, restful addition to the space, a backdrop of warmth to the modern decor.


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The front entrance outdoor urns were designed with hand-picked 12′ birch branches from (Karen’s (shop owner) family cottage) the urns were topped with a selection of southern and western greens, magnolia leaf, pine cones and eucalyptus.

The steps to front door (picture not shown), hung a boxwood wreath with simple satin bow and a tall vase with birch branch greeted guest with christmas greenery and Ilex. Entry into the condo, guests were greeted with a simple vase of cut Ilex sitting in a low glass rectangular vase that was placed on a black granite console table. The floral design was enhanced with a gorgeous piece of modern art and a red sculpture. The ilex arrangement stood its own ground next to the art pieces as a piece of natural art. Guests on the tour then explored the open concept kitchen, dining and living areas.

The fireplace area does not have a mantle, we created a focal point for the mantle area with a large geometric wreath. The wreath frame housed a white phalaenopsis orchid plant.  To the right of the fireplace we used the homeowners geometric styled vase in a grouping, white cut anthurium blooms, cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchid graced the vases. Spanish moss trailed out of the vase and wreath.

The living room coffee and side table were decorated with blooms of cymbidium orchids and mossy looking type flower called Dianthus Trick and wire orbs.

The kitchen area island showcased a grouping of square and rectangular vases with fresh flowers (cream roses, lisianthus, parrot tulips, double freesia and stock) in creams and white were used, bullion wire was spun in and around the floral arrangements to help reflect the light. The highlight of this collection was white parrot tulips that were sculpted over the vase of white lisianthus as part of the collection. Hung above the kitchen island is a very interesting light fixture with soft fabric spirals and rolls. Gold ribbon was used to mesh around the grouped vases to mimic the design of the light. The dining table was punctuated with a round Kate Spade glass vase bouquet of ivory roses and blue thistle. The thistle picked up the blue italian chandelier and blue tones in the room. The credenza adjacent to the table has beautiful ceramic plates with doll like faces painted on them were bookend with Vera Wang vases also with ivory roses.

We really wanted to take a inside out approach to the outdoor sitting area, we wanted the area to be fun and playful. Visitors on the tour took particular interest in the design treatment of the adjacent porch area that looked out onto the water inlet. The outdoor sitting area was graced with an fully dressed outdoor tree, furry cushions and throw, and two brass pedestals with evergreens and decorative elements. The semi-enclosed area featured an outdoor l-shaped sofa and marble coffee table.

We hope that all the visitors on the tour enjoyed our take on this Home for the Holidays.


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