Vase Recycling Program

Most of our floral designs are created in glass vases, and if you are that fortunate person that is gifted a bouquet, over time, you start to accumulate vases. Well, what do you do with all those vases? The vases become clutter and you are stuck with that decision of what to do with them. So, being our waste reducing, green thinking folks we are, we thought, why don’t we ask for vases back? Duh!

So, that being said, bring back your vases-please! And, to add a little incentive, we’ll give you a gift certificate for what we pay for the vases from our suppliers at cost. You can then use the gift certificate to… maybe buy more flowers?? And voila, the cycle continues. Pretty cool, eh? Vases that can be reused, we’ll reuse them and the ones that can’t we’ll either donate them to a good cause or recycle them appropriately.

We ask, that during COVID, you leave the vases under our covered entranceway with your name and contact number and we’ll mail or email a gift certificate to you.

How does that sound?

Let’s spread the love, and make use of what we got.

Floral Subscription

Treat yourself or send some love to that special one in your life! Perhaps it is a bouquet of beautiful fresh blooms in your home delivered on a weekly basis. Our floral subscriptions provide custom crafted floral designs to your door on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis, and each month’s bouquet will reflect a unique colour palette created from the freshest blooms we have in our cooler. Your first arrangement will arrive in a classic glass vase. The following deliveries, our driver picks up the original vase and replaces it with a fresh floral bouquet. If you would like to create a bespoke floral subscription of any kind, please contact us so we can discuss a custom floral subscription service that is perfect for you.

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