Holiday Party Tips

Last November FTD Fresh posted an article listing tips for planning a memorable holiday party. These 11 tips came from celebrity stylists, designers, chefs and other professional party planners. It’s really worth a read to help you get ready for your holiday entertainment.

In this post, I will shorten the list to 5 best tips that will save your holiday party.

TIP 1: Mix it up! (NATE BERKUS, interior designer and author)

If you think you can decorate your table the night before or couple of hours before the party, you’re dead wrong, unless you’re going with the same decor as last year or the years before. At this point, there’s nothing to worry about! But, if you want something new, something more exciting, then you need to plan it at least a week in advance. The reason is you may want to give yourself time to shop around for the right decor without being over-stressed.

Try Nate’s suggestion on decorating your table with “elements that reflect your own style” rather than matching everything. Mix things up a little! If you want more of Nate’s tips, check out his website at

TIP 2: Have your playlist ready in advance (GWYNETH PALTROW, actress and author)

Are you planning on playing music at your event? According to Gwyneth, “now’s a good time, before the storm, to choose your music.” You might have an idea for your list and you’d get it done before the party, but what if you went through the list and something’s missing or didn’t sound right? There would be no time to get another playlist during the party. Have a backup!

TIP 3: Add fresh flowers! (SANDRA LEE, chef and author)

Here is my favourite tip:

“Add fragrance and an unexpected touch to evergreen garlands and the Christmas tree by placing fresh flowers among the greenery.”

It’s a wonderful idea to add fresh flowers to our Christmas tree! You can give the tree a more personal touch with your favourite flowers or the ones given to you by your significant other.

TIP 4: Decorate with small centrepieces (INA GARTEN, chef and author)

“Make deconstructed bouquets – lots of small vases with one type of flower in each vase”

You can get those small vases at a dollar store or use any vase you have at home. The current trend is mason jar! You probably have tons tucked away somewhere in the basement. Time bring out your creative side by decorating those jars.

TIP 5: Have everything ready by 10pm the night before your party. (COLIN COWIE, party planner and author)

“The key is to set everything up the night before.”

For a big party, it’s best to set everything up the night before. Set your table, menu, playlist, camera, games, drink, and clothes before you go to bed. Then the day of the party all you have left is getting the food ready, and let’s not forget yourself!

And, remember to relax and have fun planning your party.

— Quyen Ngo

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