Essential Guide for Caring for Flowers

Our essential guide for caring for your flowers

All flowers have a varying shelf life, which can be prolonged, provided you look after them well. Roses can last for up to 14 days and some exotic blooms can remain vibrant for even longer if kept in a warm environment. Here are some useful tips in getting the most from your arrangements.

1. Always keep flowers in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight – with the exception of exotic flowers, which can survive in warmer conditions. Never place vases on top of radiator covers and keep them away from air conditioning units and ceiling fans.

2. For vase or hand-tied arrangements, top up water daily adding the food supplied. Floral food helps nourish the flowers and keeps bacteria out of the water, extending the life of your arrangement. But be careful to follow the instructions given on the packet, as too much can also do more harm than good.

3. When the water becomes cloudy, remove the flowers, wash out the vase and replace with clean water and food. Re-cut the stems at an angle removing about one inch with a sharp knife. Never use scissors as they crush the stems.

4. If your arrangement is in floral foam, keep it soaked in water, adding the floral food supplied.

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