Dancing Flowers-inspirational design with Karen Tran

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This past Tuesday March 31, Terry (one of my staff) and I attended a design presentation by Karen Tran in Toronto. It was a long drive for one day, but well worth the trip. Karen is known for her elaborate displays of “floating” florals, flower walls, runners, gazebos and elaborate tablescapes. Her floral designs make you say “wow” out loud. I/we were beyond impressed. I think as a floral designer you know that there are no limitations when it comes to flower design and it is nice to see when designers make the unimaginable, imaginable…and it helps when you don’t have to worry about the budget. Karen layers her flowers, from large bulbous flowers at the base like hydrangea to more pendulous and fragile flowers that cascade or drape on the outside to create that “dancing” flower look. Karen spoke to our group of 250 floral designers that attended her first design presentation to think outside the box and approach weddings like we approach fashion, push the boundaries of design, make something unique and stand out.

These are a few of the pieces she designed for the presentation.

Karen Tran
floating tablescape
Karen Tran
Table runner
Karen Tran
Elevated table top
Karen Tran
Table Centrepiece

I think my biggest take away from seeing Karen’s beautiful designs are that flowers are truly a medium of artistic expression; a concept that can get lost in running a retail flower shop.  Some artists use paint, others use metal, I/we use flowers.  And as a floral artist that is commissioned to create beautiful wedding flowers, like any commissioned artist I need to understand my clients needs, who they are, what they love and recreate that vision and experience for the couple and their guests in their wedding flowers.

Thank you Karen (Tran) for inspiring us (floral designers) to think big, push the boundaries and think outside the box and create artful designs.

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