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5 tips to pick the perfect valentine’s day flowers

Valentine’s day is one of the biggest flower gift-giving occasions, right behind Mother’s day. As a result, we plan months in advance to ensure we have enough flowers at the best prices. As you might know, the price of flowers can double, if not triple, on Valentine’s Day for certain flowers, specifically roses. Here are
Terrarium Building Workshop

Tips from our Terrarium Building Workshop

We had so much fun at our Terrarium Building workshop, that I thought I would share a few key tips to create your very own terrarium. AV Flower plant friends gathered on a rainy Tuesday (October 22) to create their very own terrarium. There were two workshop options to either bring your own container or

Holiday Party Tips

Last November FTD Fresh posted an article listing tips for planning a memorable holiday party. These 11 tips came from celebrity stylists, designers, chefs and other professional party planners. It’s really worth a read to help you get ready for your holiday entertainment. In this post, I will shorten the list to 5 best tips
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