What to do with your Rose bush plant after it blooms?

Rose Bush

We sell a lot of rose bushes at Valentine’s Day. They are beautiful, but, their blooms don’t last that long. So, what to do with them, after they bloom? There is life for your rose bush after they have bloomed out. Follow along with Karen, owner of Alta Vista Flowers as she shows you how to care for your rose bush until it can be planted outside in late spring. Enjoy!! : ) Karen


Tips from our Terrarium Building Workshop

Terrarium Building Workshop

We had so much fun at our Terrarium Building workshop, that I thought I would share a few key tips to create your very own terrarium. AV Flower plant friends gathered on a rainy Tuesday (October 22) to create their very own terrarium. There were two workshop options to either bring your own container or … Read more

Holiday Party Tips

Last November FTD Fresh posted an article listing tips for planning a memorable holiday party. These 11 tips came from celebrity stylists, designers, chefs and other professional party planners. It’s really worth a read to help you get ready for your holiday entertainment. In this post, I will shorten the list to 5 best tips … Read more

Weekly Fresh Flowers For Your Home

Have you seen Twin Peaks? If you have, then you’ll remember agent Cooper’s saying, “Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present.” Agent Cooper loves coffee, and a good cup of coffee is his treat to himself. What are you treating yourself?! How about a beautiful arrangement for your home on a weekly basis? Sounds … Read more

Putting Your Garden To Bed

As we approach the fall it is time to get your garden ready for the winter.  Until the frost hits you can deadhead annuals to promote more blooms. For perennials and roses, especially, do not deadhead the blooms, as this will force new growth.  Apply compost or new soil around plants  but no chemical fertilizers. … Read more