What to do with your Rose bush plant after it blooms?

Rose Bush

We sell a lot of rose bushes at Valentine’s Day. They are beautiful, but, their blooms don’t last that long. So, what to do with them, after they bloom? There is life for your rose bush after they have bloomed out. Follow along with Karen, owner of Alta Vista Flowers as she shows you how to care for your rose bush until it can be planted outside in late spring. Enjoy!! : ) Karen


Tips from our Terrarium Building Workshop

Terrarium Building Workshop

We had so much fun at our Terrarium Building workshop, that I thought I would share a few key tips to create your very own terrarium. AV Flower plant friends gathered on a rainy Tuesday (October 22) to create their very own terrarium. There were two workshop options to either bring your own container or … Read more

Top 5 Plants for Grandparents

Plants are great gift for grandparents from you or the little ones. Before buying a plant, consider your grandparents’ living arrangement and their aptitude to care for plants. Those living in retirement residences are met with certain policies regarding having plants in their room. The plants on this list should be acceptable in any living … Read more

Office Plants: Should You Get One?

The short answer is yes; your office has space for some living greeneries. Having plants in your office will boost productivity, reduce stress, purify the air, and enhance the office appearance. There are low maintenance plants that will thrive without sunlight, which are perfect for windowless offices.    For a limited office space, consider small … Read more

Spring Garden


Keepsake plants contribute charm and longevity to this nature-inspired arrangement.
This glorious springtime composition offers several phases of enjoyment, with pretty pink tulips and roses, lush green plants, and even the nest of a feathered friend.

The miniature foliage plants — ivy, maidenhair fern and cyperus club moss fern — can be replanted for lasting enjoyment after the fresh flowers have faded, making this a delightful gift that keeps on giving.

The design ring can be prepared with the plants and moss ahead of peak production time, with fresh flowers added at the last minute. The root balls of the plants are individually wrapped in plastic to keep them moist and out of the arrangement’s water reservoir.

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