Amaryllis bulb: starting an amaryllis bulb

The Amaryllis flower is traditionally associated with Christmas time. These large blooms are perfect for arrangements but are equally stunning on their own. We have started a few bulbs from scratch. Here are few pictures to show the process to get your own Amaryllis bulbs started, or come on in and pick up bulbs we have started, bring in your own pot or select one of ours. The bulbs started in grower pots are $12 and range from $25-$35 in ceramic pots.

  1. Select an Amaryllis bulb-the colour selection is quite amazing.
  2. Prepare a pot (we use a coffee filter to line the pot) and put a 1/3 of soil in the pot.
  3. Place the Amaryllis bulb in the pot.
  4. Fill the pot with soil and water. Water every 2 weeks. Leave potted Amaryllis plant in a bright location at room temperature. Watch it grow and enjoy!

amaryllis bulb

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