Corporate Flowers

Corporate Flowers

Studies have shown that having flowers at work place generate long-term positive effect on our emotions that create joy, reduce stress and therefore increase productivity. Now, that many employees are considering returning to the workplace after working from home for the last two years during the pandemic.

Our corporate business designs reflect your corporate style. We always use the freshest top quality flowers that guarantee to last the entire display week.

Orchids have become significantly popular over the last decade due to their elegance & longevity. Having orchid arrangement in your office environment is a cost-effective way to display artistry for many businesses with a budget.

We guarantee your orchid arrangement will last for months with minimal care.

If you would like a quote for flowers or plants for your work place, email or call us (613-733-4001 | 1-800-842-0704) to set-up a site visit.

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