A random act of kindness

How a random act of kindness can really make your day. I will share a second hand account from one on my staff of how she perhaps for a short moment made someone’s day. Heather is one of my very resourceful, creative, and ever inspirational floral designers. By very serendipitous means, Heather came to work in our shop due to the closing of a local long standing flower shop, Mulligans Florist. From time to time the occasion arises that my staff have an opportunity to take home flowers that have lived beyond their means of being usable in a clients floral design. Heather had her eye on a bunch of beautiful pink roses. In hindsight I think the flowers were placed in a back corner of the cooler away from clear view. In her mind she had these roses picked out to give a family member that she had not had the opportunity to see for a long time. At the end of her shift Heather wrapped the flowers in heavy paper and headed out the door and up the street. It was an unusually hot afternoon and in the distance Heather could see a heavily pregnant women walking towards her. She looked exhausted, in pain and ready to have that baby any day. Heather approached her and without even a pause she handed this woman her bunch of pink roses and told her to enjoy them and continued walking. Heather did not stop long enough to witness her reaction. I can only imagine that those flowers and that gesture only for a moment, really made that woman’s day. Thanks Heather!


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  1. That’s Heather. She always have a positive thinking and cares a lot. One Saturday, I went to work and she was there early to finish a sympathy arrangement for her friend. Our conversation started with good morning, how are you and she continued how she dearly love her friend and that she deserves all the nice arrangement. If I remember correctly, she went to her friend’s garden to gather some of the flowers she loved and brought to the shop. Heather’s effort to make these arrangement special to a dear friend was exceptional.

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