A Book of Flowers

As usual, after my weekend swim I go straight to the public library’s Used Book Sale section to find, hopefully, a recently released fiction for $2. I didn’t find any this time, but I did leave the library with a book called “A Book of Flowers”.

“Flowers have never been so popular as they are today, not even during the heydey of Gertrude Jekyll’s English garden.”
The book contains a collection of the world’s favourite flowers from A to Z along with their poetic descriptions, as you can see in the picture on the right. The illustrations are beautiful!
I took this book home thinking it would be more helpful in identifying some flowers than Google. Then as I looked through the collection an idea came to mind. Wouldn’t it be fun to choose 9 flowers out of the 75 in the collection, and learn more about them throughout each week of August?
Three will be chosen for the following week. Here’s a hint for one of them:
“And now the wind plays with the grass
That grows along my garden-paths;
And shell-flowers wave their shamrock heads
O’er my unique flower-beds”
Can you guess what the flower is? If not, stay tuned till next week to find out.

~~ Quyên Ngô
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